July 2024
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Map of Robinson


Mayor –
The position of Mayor is elected every four years in the Spring election.
The Mayor presides over all City Council meetings. He is also responsible for appointing each of the Council committees and the chairmen of those committees.
The Mayor appoints each of the City department heads with approval of the City Council. Special ad hoc committees are appointed by the Mayor from time to time, as well as all members of the Planning Commission and Police Pension Board.

City Council
The Robinson City Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The meeting begins at 6:00 pm.
The City of Robinson is divided into four wards, with two Aldermen elected to represent each ward. One Aldermen from each ward is elected every two years. The wards are divided by Cross Street and Main Street. Ward 1 is northeast of the intersection of Main and Cross. Ward 2 is southeast, Ward 3 is southwest and Ward 4 is northwest of the intersection. The names of each Alderman, along with the ward they represent is listed below.

Ward 1 (northeast)
Sarah Arnone
Troy Pinkston

Ward 2 (southeast)
Karen Bowman
Andi Marqua

Ward 3 (southwest)
Jim McKinney
Gene Sinclair

Ward 4 (northwest)
John Birkofer (Acting Mayor)
Richard (Rick) Lowe

City Clerk

Brittney Walton is the Robinson City Clerk. She can be contacted in her office at City Hall, weekdays from 8:00 am to noon.

The City Clerk position for the City of Robinson is a part-time elected position with a four-year term. The duties of the Clerk’s office includes attendance at all City Council meetings and preparation of the agenda, as well as the responsibility of keeping written minutes for all Council meetings. The Clerk’s duties also include the certification of all ordinances and resolutions passed by the City Council and publication of any ordinances when necessary. The City Clerk is the keeper of all the City’s records. This includes all of the legal documents, in addition to the records of revenues and expenses incurred by the City. The City Clerk is responsible for the corporate seal and all papers not under the control of other officers within the City. In the City of Robinson, the Clerk is also retained as the Secretary to the Police Pension Board, being responsible for the record keeping of all matters concerning the Board.

City Treasurer
Denise Jobe is the City Treasurer. She can be contacted in her office at City Hall, weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The City Treasurer is the custodian of all the funds belonging to the City of Robinson. All monies received and disbursed for the City go through the Treasurer’s office. As custodian of all municipal funds, the Treasurer is also the custodian of special funds including the Police Pension Fund. The Treasurer’s responsibilities also include all investments of the City, ranging from certificates of deposits to annuities and bonds. The City Treasurer must make a report to the City Council at each meeting regarding deposits and disbursements, as well as fund balances currently available for all City accounts. The Treasurer, along with the superintendents of each department throughout the City, is responsible for the preparation and passage of the annual budget, tax levy and appropriation ordinance.

Administrative Assistant
Deanna Watson is the Administrative Assistant for the City of Robinson. She can be contacted in her office at City Hall, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The Administrative Assistant performs administrative duties for the Mayor, City Council, and Department Supervisors. In addition, the Administrative Assistant is responsible for human resources for the City, as well as fielding questions from the citizens of Robinson. Appointments to speak with the Mayor should be set up through this office.