June 2024
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Map of Robinson

Freedom of Information Act – Public Records Request

The City Clerk is hereby designated as the FOIA Officer to whom all initial requests for access to the records of the City are to be referred. Such requests are to be made at the office of the City Clerk at 300 S. Lincoln, Robinson, Illinois, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. In the event that the City Clerk is not available during the times described above, the Administrative Assistant is designated as the Deputy FOIA Officer to whom such initial requests are to be made. Except in instances when records are furnished immediately, the FOIA Officer, or his/her designees, shall receive requests submitted to the City under the Freedom of Information Act, ensure that the City responds to requests in a timely fashion, and issue responses under the Act. The FOIA Officer shall develop a list of documents or categories of records that the City shall immediately disclose upon request.

If copies of records are requested, the fees for such copies, whether certified or not, shall be as determined from time to time by the FOIA Officer pursuant to Section 6(b) of the Freedom of Information Act. The City Clerk shall maintain a written schedule of current fees in the Clerk’s office. The fees so charged shall reflect the actual cost of copying the records, and the cost of certifying copies, if certification is requested.

In the event that a request to inspect City Records is denied by the FOIA Officer, the denial may be appealed to the Public Access Counselor of the State of Illinois.

The Robinson Police Department maintains a separate FOIA policy: Robinson Police Department FOIA

Municipal Information Directory

The City of Robinson is a municipality incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of Illinois for the purpose of providing its residence with the following services:
  1. Police protection.
  2. Sewer service.
  3. Street and sidewalk construction and maintenance.
  4. Park and recreation.
  5. Zoning.
  6. Engineering
The City of Robinson has certain functional subdivisions. The approximate amount of the operating budget of the City of Robinson is $ 4,042,100.95. The City’s office is located at 300 S. Lincoln Street, in Robinson. The City employs approximately 143 full-time and part-time employees. The members of the boards, commissions and committees of the City of Robinson are:

Block Diagram of Functional Subdivision

City of Robinson - Functional Subdivision

The Freedom of Information Officers of the City are:

  • City Clerk Brittney Walton – Contact at City Hall 618-544-7616
  • Administrative Assistant Deanna Watson – Contact at City Hall 618-544-7616
  • Administrative Assistant Breanna Leek – Contact at Police Department 618-544-2217
  • Police Chief Chad Weaver – Contact at Police Department 618-544-2217

Municipal Records Directory

Any person requesting records of the City of Robinson may make such a request either in person, orally or in writing to the City Clerk’s Office located at 300 S. Lincoln Street. Such request shall be made to Mrs. Brittney Walton, FOIA Officer at such address and if she is not present in person, you should see the designated Deputy FOIA Officer. Another method would be by mailing, faxing or e-mailing a written request to either Mrs. Anderson or the Deputy FOIA Officer specifying in particular the records requested to be disclosed and copies. All written requests should be addressed to the FOIA officer at the address of the Clerk’s Office. If you desire that any records be certified, you must indicate that in your request and specify which records must be certified.

The fees for any such records, if the person requesting the records wishes them to be copied, are as follows:

First 50 pages, black and white, letter or legal size copies, no cost.

Additional pages, black and white, letter or legal, actual cost to $0.15.

Electronic records will be formatted subject to reimbursement for costs of recording medium.

Color copies or copies in a size other than letter or legal shall be reimbursed to actual costs.

Costs of certifying a record will be $1.00.

Records may be furnished without charge or a reduced charge, as determined by the City, if the person requesting the documents states the specific purpose for the request and indicates that a waiver or reduction of the fee is in the public interest. Waiver or reduction of the fee is in the public interest if the principal purpose of the request is to access and disseminate information regarding the health, safety and welfare or the legal right of the general public and is not for the principal purpose of personal or commercial benefit.

The City of Robinson’s Total Compensation Package is posted in the lobby of the Community Center, and available for public inspection.

Cataloging and Indexing of Public Records

Types of public records:

  1. Appropriation ordinance.
  2. Budget.
  3. Tax levy ordinance.
  4. Audit.
  5. Bills.
  6. Receipts for revenue.
  7. Vouchers.
  8. Canceled checks.
  9. Sewer bills.
  10. Receipts for fines.
  11. Sales tax receipts.
  12. Real estate tax receipts.
  13. Liquor license fees.
  14. State income tax receipts.
  15. Other licenses.
  16. Building permit fees.
  17. Salary schedules.
  18. Utility bills.
  19. Municipal Code.

The categories of public records are:

  1. Building inspection reports.
  2. Administration memorandum.
  3. Building permits.
  4. City Council minutes.
  5. Board minutes.
  6. City Council Resolutions.
  7. Correspondence received by City.
  8. Correspondence from City.
  9. Bidding specifications.
  10. City maps.
  11. Comprehensive plan.
  12. Zoning ordinance.
  13. Personnel files.
  14. Office equipment.
  15. Insurance.
  16. Capital equipment.
  17. Real estate.
  18. Legal notices.
  19. Newspaper articles.
  20. Contracts for capital equipment.
  21. Contracts for maintenance and repair.
  22. Professional consultant contracts.
  23. Pension fund records.
  24. Hospitalization records.
  25. Workman’s records.
  26. Training records.
  27. Official bonds.
  28. City vehicles.
  29. City liens.
  30. Police Department records.
  31. Street Department records.
  32. Sewer Department records.
  33. Park Department records.