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siteplan.jpgThe office of the Zoning Administrator is located in City Hall at 300 S. Lincoln. The Zoning Department is responsible for enforcement of the City Zoning Code and the building code (2021 International Building Code). Building permits are issued by the Zoning Administrator at City Hall.

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Phone: 618-544-7616
Fax: 618-544-8432

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Below are some frequently asked questions regarding zoning:


In February 2002, the City of Robinson adopted the current Robinson Development Code, more commonly referred to as the Zoning Code. This version was specifically tailored to meet the needs of the City of Robinson, as it currently exists, as well as allowing for future growth and development within the City and surrounding area. The new code offers a more “user-friendly” style and improved regulations that are more appropriate for our City than the previous Zoning Code. Copies of the Development Code can be purchased from the Zoning Administrator for $50 at Robinson City Hall.

Along with the new development code, the City of Robinson also revised the zoning map to help with the development of smaller parcels of land. Because of this, the City of Robinson is divided into many different zoning districts. The purpose of the divisions is to protect both residential and commercial districts from having a home built next to a factory, or a business moving next to a home. This provides for a balance of residential, commercial, and industrial areas within the City. For questions as to how your area is zoned, contact the Zoning Department at City Hall.

The zoning code was designed to not only improve and protect the heath, safety and welfare of the citizens of Robinson, but also to further the implementation of the City’s comprehensive plan. In general, the plan was adopted to provide for the betterment of the City as a whole. A zoning administrator, who is appointed by the Mayor of the City of Robinson, enforces the code.

What is zoning?
In general, zoning regulates the use and development of land. It is designed to protect property values by preventing the location of incompatible uses in close proximity to each other. Zoning regulates land use, including the size, shape and permitted uses of lots and structures. In most cities, it is the primary tool that guides land use.

What does the zoning administrator do?
The zoning administrator issues permits for new construction and improvements within the zoning perimeter. They also conduct inspections of properties where property is being either developed or re-developed. The zoning administrator determines compliance with the code and notifies property owners of violations.

When do you need a permit?
Anyone within the city limits and one and a half miles outside of the city limits is required to apply for a zoning permit. A zoning permit is required for any of the following improvements or construction: Houses, garages, additions, accessory buildings, carports, fences, decks, patios, driveways, sidewalks, swimming pools, signs (permanent and temporary), dog pens, home businesses, and demolition. The basic rule of thumb is to obtain a permit for any new construction or alterations to existing property.

I want to open a home business or move my existing business. What do I need?
For any home based business, or an existing business changing locations, a Certificate of Occupancy and Compliance is required. Application for this permit is made at the office of the zoning administrator.

What happens if my application for a permit is denied?
In some instances, the zoning administrator may not approve a permit because the improvement or development does not comply with the zoning code. However, there are other steps that may be taken to obtain a “variance” from the zoning code. The first step is to file an application for a variance with the zoning administrator. Within 15 to 45 days of filing, a public hearing would be conducted by the planning commission to, not only accept public input, but also advise the City Council as to their recommendation concerning the variance. The City Council has the final authority as to whether or not the variance is issued.

In closing, the purpose of zoning is to create a safe, livable environment for all of the citizens of Robinson. It not only provides for an orderly layout and utilization of land, but also promotes adequate infrastructure and other municipal services to the residents of the City. To obtain any applications for zoning permits, or for any questions concerning zoning, please contact the Zoning Department at City Hall, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm, or phone City Hall at 618-544-7616.