December 2017
Map of Robinson
................ Monday, December 11th, 2017

Welcome from Mayor Pethtel

As Mayor, I would like to welcome you to the City of Robinson website. I hope it will provide the information you need about our town and encourage you to check back often. Many improvements and additions are planned for this site that will make it more useful for you. In addition, pages with photographs will be updated periodically. If you have any suggestions, questions or requests regarding the City of Robinson or this website, please feel free to call City Hall at 618-544-7616, or contact us. I thank you for your interest in our City.

Mayor Roger Pethtel

Sanitary Sewer Overflow Incident Report, City of Robinson WWTF

There was a discharge of the Kieffer Interceptor sewer line on about 12/4/17 to 12/6/17 at 2:30 pm. A large ball of nylon rope and accumulating rags caused the plug in the 18″ sanitary sewer thus backing it up and overflowing onto the ground and into the wooded area just east of the old railroad right-of-way at 709 E. Oak St. We estimate approximately 50,000 gallons of domestic wastewater was released and a portion of that may have entered the creek just east of the overflowing manhole. This is in a remote wooded area and we were unaware of this overflow until an adjacent property owner reported it to us. The line was cleared of debris and was functioning correctly as of 12/5/17 at 2:30 pm.

Lawrence E. Quick, Superintendent of Public Works